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Light Painting Experiences

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Current location: Antalya, Turkey.

Mōna is a traveling photography studio with a twist.

We organize light painting photography experiences in the most instagramable locations we come across. Our mission is to add value to people's evenings out by providing a photography experience you will never forget.

What does Mōna mean? It's hard to say. It supposedly means drunk monkey in Spanish! For us, it's an old English word for our loyal nighttime companion — The Moon!

Currently, you might find us anywhere around Antalya, from the beach to the center of Old Town. With our bright tube lights, it's hard to miss us!

We invite you to hold any pose you like while we light up the night skies around you with colorful light. We welcome you to experiment with our equipment to make your own light painting patterns too!

Afterward, we save your digital images to your very own password-protected gallery. You can download and share them immediately. We love what we do! Which you will see by the atmosphere we create and the results we produce!

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